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**NEW** Bell Schedule Change - 2014-2015 school year

Student Entry - 7:30 AM Student Dismissal - 2:30 PM

Re-Evaluation of the Gifted Program

All students will be re-evaluated for the gifted program for the 2014-2015. Please contact Main Office for further details.

CPS School Calendar now available in Notices/Forms.

Classroom Visitation Forms are available in the Parent Carousel in front of the Main Office.

Take advantage of Burnside’s new communication option by registering for text messages sent directly to your cell phone. Click here from Simplified Solutions to access this exciting new service.

School Notices

All upcoming school notices will be posted on the Notices/Forms page. Make a habit of Checking Daily.

Calendar At A Glance

There are no upcoming events currently scheduled.
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Instructional Strategies and Core Pedagogies Take Shape in Classrooms

Data-driven Instructional Practices

Instruction based on determined data conclusions is the primary driving force behind all teaching and learning at the Burnside Academy. Two standard vehicles are used to guide instruction based on the results of criterion-referenced and norm-referenced assessments' Weekly instructional planning is facilitated through data-based lesson plan templates in order to assist teachers in prioritizing small-group instruction based on data conclusions derived from the most current data sources.

In addition, the annual Burnside Action Plan is created through a collaborative effort involving the entire faculty and the Burnside leadership team. Best practice instructional strategies are developed with the use of student achievement data from a variety of sources that delineate the most prevalent learning gaps as expressed through a wide variety of assessment results. The implementation of the Action Plan is monitored continually through the weekly submission of summary reports that document lesson delivery.










Weekly Homework Calendars- Click HERE

Thursday, May 8 - LSC Meeting at 6 PM

Wednesday, May 14 - PAC Meeting at 9 AM

Thursday, May 29 - Talent/Fashion Show at 6:15 PM

Friday, May 30 - School-wide Skating Incentive trip 10 AM-1:30 PM

100% Attendance is STILL our GOAL!!

Please be aware that breakfast ends at 7:50 AM. Please have your child at school on time.

Student Arrival to School Before 7:45 A. M.

Please be aware that students are not allowed to enter the school building before 7:45 A.M. We are not able to provide adequate supervision before that time. Students who are left on school property before 7:45 will receive a violation notice. Families will then receive a phone call from a school administrator to discuss the violation

Courteous Driving During Morning Entry and Student Dismissal

Please practice courteous driving strategies during the morning entry time and afternoon dismissal procedure. Refrain from blocking any of the side streets surrounding the school when dropping off or picking up your child. Please also avoid blocking the driveways of our surrounding neighbors while waiting for your child’s dismissal. 



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